On November 22nd, 2009 Abbey passed away due to complications from a SADS related episode. Unknown to her family and doctors Abbey was born with Long QT syndrome. Long QT is a rare genetic heart condition, which may trigger a sudden fainting spell or seizure. In Abbey’s case her heartbeat was erratic for so long it caused sudden death.
Please support the SADS Foundation, learn more about Abbey’s condition, and how to prevent & treat SADS.

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When someone you love passes, memories are all we have, and those memories are forever. Let’s celebrate and remember her together, please share your thoughts, memories and photos of Abbey for everyone to enjoy.

I'm so late I already posted you on my instagram and all but I miss you very much yesterday was your birthday I didn't fforget your always on my. Ind I love you very much babygirl ???????????????????????????????????

Just a few days away from your 17th birthday, oh how we miss you sweet darling. Your leaving has left a big hole in our hearts and in the family. Me and PawPaw miss you so much. Nothing has been the same, nor will it ever be. You are forever in our hearts. And forever loved beyond words. Time does not heal, so sorry you had to leave us. We will always miss you and wish we could have done something to keep you with us. Happy Birthday our sweet angel. You are never out of our minds and will forever be missed. Love you to the moon and back a billion times.

I miss you very much abbey forever and always you will be in my heart in fact Imma getting a portrait of you in my room ??I love you so much babygirl